Episode #10:

“Dancing or Fighting? The Unsung Struggle of Icaro Valdez”

Come closer young student, and hear the tale of Icaro Valdez. Inspired by the foremost capoeira and slavery historian Afonso Gestrudes, Icaro found in Brazil’s dictatorial society of the 70s the perfect gunpowder barrel mix of heritage, oppression and imagination.

A then fledgling drama student, it took him 9 years to put on what most consider, until today, the most controversial opera Brazil has ever seen.

– Featuring acclaimed music historian Francesco Terlatini fresh off the tour of his first book, Brazilian political activist Joyce Justiça representing the people of Pernambuco and a rare paranormal occurrence of our very own Mestre Bimba; as well extracts from Valdez’s masterwork, “O JEITO DO VENTO” (“THE WAY OF THE WIND”)

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