Episode #09:

“Winterbusum and Retrofuturism – A Frank Discussion”

What’s happenin’ Jazz Kats. This extra smooth episode of the Jamcast explores the rise and fall of forgotten big band visionary Frank Winterbusum. We examine the evolution of this bass savant into a futurist obsessive and discuss how an early attempt to sample his music sent him into a downward spiral.

Frank fell into a rabbit hole of madness and the occult, becoming a recluse and eventually being institutionalised during the infamous ’“Fantervention”. But who was Frank really? Is he still alive? And how do you pronounce his name?

– Featuring a panel of three esteemed experts on Frank Winterbusum’s life, music and love for medieval revival: Theo, Editor of Basse Magazine; The Professor, musical historian; and Gaz, an orchestra member tormented by Winterbusum; as well as a rare gem from Frank, “A RECIPE FOR GINGER”

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