This Thing We Call Jam

is a music and arts collective based in London, U.K. with pan-European roots and a mixed musical heritage.

Jazz, Folk, Funk and Punk collide and bleed into each other as they are sensually distilled into a potent Alt-Soul brew.

Led by restless songwriters Greg & Tiago with the aid – both musical and emotional – of ‘Patience-of-a-Saint’ producer Liam, the group flips from an intimate acoustic two-piece into a full-fledged psychedelic Big Band to best fulfil the whims of their adoring audience.

From wandering nomadic sets on festival grounds to pubs and clubs, TTWCJ are well versed in the art of serenading audiences of all size, with live sets that straddle the line between rock n’ roll bonanza and Japanese gameshow.

Since touring Europe in support of their debut EP “The Best of Descendos”, TTWCJ postponed work on their most ambitious project yet – “BUTTERFUSS” – to pioneer the Internet’s foremost musical conspiracy show on the burgeoning Boogaloo Radio network.

Leave them a note at the Boogaloo Bar or use the form below to get in touch.

The Best of Descendos

A collection of five songs by THIS THING WE CALL JAM designed to seduce the listener into a sexy state of bliss. Noodling notes in a sunny park, you skip across town to claim a dance floor. A mix-up at the cloakroom leaves you stranded in worlds you don’t recognise, where a different kind of party goes on (& on) with a bang.

Find out more about this release here.

Get In Touch Yo

THIS THING WE CALL JAM is always looking for new talent to bring into the fold. Whether you’re a dancer, actor, producer or Medusa we want to hear from you. If you like what you’re hearing, why not get involved? Only together can we truly solve mysteries and truly lay corpses to rest.