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This Thing We Call Jamcast #09: “Winterbusum and Retrofuturism – A Frank Discussion”

This extra smooth episode of the Jamcast sees a panel of esteemed jazz experts discuss the life and work of big band legend Frank Winterbusum. This tormented visionary and medieval enthusiast broke all the codes of the Big Band before falling into a rabbit hole of madness and the occult. Does a rare recording of his “RECIPE FOR GINGER” hold any clues about what happened to poor Frank?Read More

This Thing We Call Jamcast #04: “Empire Old Boys Versus Militia All Stars”

TTWCJ don fancy capes and plastic swords as the Internet’s foremost music conspiracy show explores the world of Live Action Role Playing. The Empire Old Boys and Militia All Stars have forever been at war, yet banded together once to record a single song. Featuring rival president fanboys Arthur and Artorius, as well as the steampunk barbershop lament “UTOPIA”.Read More